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Your Child's First Visit

As parents, our best intentions can sometimes create problematic visits to the dentist.  We want to assure our children they will have a positive experience during their dental visit.  Please see the list of helpful hints and reminders for parents below.

  • Discuss your child's upcoming visit using only "positive" words
  • Never use words like "hurt" or "pain" when discussing your child's dental visit
  • Never bribe your child into going to the dentist
  • Never use the word "fear" when referring to a dental visit
  • Your dental professional has been trained to use "specific terminology" during procedures which can avoid upsetting your child
  • If you must accompany your child during a dental procedure, you can be most helpful as a silent partner and not speak over the dentist's requests
  • Realize that after the initial visit, the child may do better in "one on one" appointments with the dentist
  • Previous experience has shown that children who act up with the parent present actually behave better when a parent is not in the room
  • If you have concerns, please discuss any issues with Dr. Bennett before your child's dental visit